We’d love to come and coach when...



Choice of profession

You have to make a career decision. It’s not quite clear if a promotion is on the cards, but if it is, will it take the direction of specialising or taking up a leadership role ? Clarifying expectations for the future and the ‘to do’s’.


Something is amiss in the communication. An employee is introvert and as a manager you’re not sure when you are connecting. Communication within your team is out of bounds and needs to change. What’s considered a customer friendly approach by employees differs from the values of the organisation.


One employee’s behaviour is becoming a problem within the organisation. Colleagues are struggling to work with this person and are trying to avoid him/her as much as possible. Because of this goals are not being reached.


There is a need for an objective sounding board. Sometimes it’s desirable to discuss the issues going on in the organisation with an outsider; to be able to extract yourself from set patterns; to look at certain issues and questions with a whole new perspective.
To just get some fresh input, so that the next day you can go back into the organisation with new ideas!

How much time does it take?

Generally we assume you’ll need 5 sessions of 1.5–2 hours per coaching request.
When you need a coach to serve as a sounding board, we recommend 1 session every 2 to 3 months, depending on your need.