For Whom?


Who are we here for?
For everyone who enjoys leading a team in a (growing) organisation, who feels they require more people management skills than they can offer!
Please keep working from your own qualities, because after all your passion is also your strategy.
Changes can seem to go too quickly or seem too complex to your employees. Accept that sometimes you won’t understand what a certain unique employee needs, to cope with this and to function well! That is fine! We would love to help you with these issues and questions, for both individual employees and your team.

Our approach
If the enjoyment of your work seems to be taken over by ‘hassle’, we’d love to meet with you. Let’s join together to make the ‘hassle’ workable again! Our communication process is honest and direct; we seek to give information according to what’s possible and necessary at any given moment (i.e. diplomatic).
We don’t just use standard business models. We listen, observe and ask questions. Based on our observations we give advice, suitable to the culture of the organisation.
We never lose sight of this most important issue: the team or organisation needs to be able to continue on their own as soon as possible.
Then we’ll move on to our next assignment!