Strategic Recruitment, this is it!


Today’s Recruitment Now you know exactly what we want in the organization, how our current workforce looks like and what we want to achieve in five years. Cannot you take the recruitment process for this job (s)? This question we got back more often. And to be honest, we have never refused, because yes, the…

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Cooperation is our Trademark!

No experience Recently I was again confronted, through the grapevine, with the statement: “They have no experience in our industry, so we will never work together.” On one hand, I think: never mind, there are many other customers who would like to engage with us. On the other hand, I notice that I keep thinking…

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My first year as Entrepreneur

It is done, my first year as entrepreneur! A year with beautiful moments, good results and, of course, a few bloopers. International Project As a wine lover, it was also a special year! One of our projects brought us in Romania, Ukraine and Serbia and what great wines they have! It is not always that…

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