Training with a mission


Culture of the Organisation

Every organisation has a mission, vision and therefore core values they stand for. Often these are determined by the director/owner or the whole team of directors. They can completely support these values. In order to get the whole organisation to support the mission, vision and core values, they are often put digitally on the website or creatively put on walls etc. It is thought that that’s enough, it’s done! Don’t think so.., this is just the start. We’d love to help you bring those core values to life by planning a day ‘combing the company’.

Effective Communication

Are team meetings always a little bit chaotic, so that it seems like nobody is listening? Or does the team need more help in how to communicate with each other? In part of a day we can explain how to do this, what can be done to communicate effectively and with respect, and how to keep communication open. This can be an enjoyable addition to a team building day.


Or maybe your team is way beyond this. Maybe it’s always the same colleagues ending up in strong discussions, and another few that always choose to be silent when this is happening. Or maybe the meetings are your one-(wo)man show and colleagues just want to get back to their desks. Or maybe you know the mutual respect in the team is almost zero. One days training session trying to understand group dynamics and behaviour, combined with a follow up session, can give a lot of clarity for everyone involved!

Even when they’re pursuing the same goal, every person is unique!

Efficient and Effective working

Achieve the best results with as little as possible effort! This is possible by start working efficiently. We advise you to avoid unnecessary resources used such as time, money, etc., to achieve the desired effect. We are happy to advise you with a method written on your organization!