Who are we?


Els van Hekesen, owner De Bart

My mission
Connecting people with and within the organisation, the aim being a higher return both professionally and personally!

My point of view
When starting a business, you start with a passion! Sometimes you wonder whether your employees understand the course you’re taking. After all it’s not their business! I believe employees can contribute enthusiastically and constructively to your business by tapping into their own passion.

My background
In a way my background resembles something of the film ‘Benjamin’. My original educational training is in sales and marketing, yet in my professional life many more worlds opened up (both literally and metaphorically speaking). As well as having years of experience working for international organisations in medical diagnostics, industrial equipment and business services, I have also successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree in ‘change management’ and ‘business administration’.
Though I’m more of a generalist, I do have specialist work experience in Human Resources and International Business Advice. I seek to approach business questions from a wide range of business knowledge. In doing this I like to think outside the box.

My own passion
My passion is connecting people. This can be done in different ways, but I enjoy it most when I can combine it with my second great passion: cooking! Why cooking? Here I also look for the connection, between the flavours of different ingredients, food combined with suitable wines and best of all the connection of cooking together.

I have applied this to business administration issues, for example when a department is seeking change in culture, teamwork etc.


Carola Smiths, business partner De Bart

My mission
My mission is to offer leaders of organisations a fresh and powerful approach, suitable to today, so that they can unfold their strategic plan and ambition successfully.

My point of view
Changing times ask for new ways of managing, new ways of working, new ways of communicating.

I’d like to help directors and management teams and their staff develop in these fast changing times, so that the changes work for them, not against them. You can’t change the wind, but you can adjust the sails!

My background
After studying law, followed by further studies in human resources, I strengthened my business administration approach by completing an MBA (a master’s degree in Business Administration).
My dissertation is the basis of a publication on a strength training tool for individual leadership.

My training- and coaching methods are based on this and I’ve been able to help many professionals to increase their personal impact. The strength of the method has been proved in commercial training sessions and development paths. The central thread in my career is leading changes in culture and structure for diverse international companies in business and financial services, FMCG/luxury goods and the automotive industry.
My focus is especially on management teams, regardless of level in the organisation.

My own passion
My passion is changing hassle into a job well done. Bring new perspective to change old habits. Not only is it possible to change, it’s also more enjoyable and quicker than you might think.

I enjoy seeing other people enjoy themselves, that’s the reason cooking is a passion of both Els and myself. Cooking is fun en it’s even more fun when you cook for more people. I like looking for new recipes, and slightly different but suitable wines. But the best bit is having a big group enjoying the food and me joining them.